Kissy Sellout

Kissy Sellout quite frankly put on an impressive show. He was as energetic in person as you’d expect and didn’t disappoint an eclectic mix of locals and student revellers present in Venue 1, which was surprisingly only about half full.  It was hard to believe Kissy was playing to a sell-out crowd. Pun intended.

Thursday night’s assumedly highly tuned performance did everything it said on the tin, with Kissy mixing his trademark selection of heady electro beats with a variety of surprising elements. A feature in his old show at Radio 1 was his ability to seamlessly mix four on the floor beats with classical hooks, and he did this a number of times during his set. It was at times terrifyingly intense, and I couldn’t help feeling that the evening could have been better if Kissy took his foot off the accelerator at times and allowed some respite from what was actually quite an onslaught.

He also brought some rockstar appeal to St Andrews. He notably changed into a brand new tank top five times – considering his set was 90 minutes long that’s a change every 18 minutes – and requested his berry alcopop in a cup, not the bottle. Hardcore.

I can’t criticize Kissy for not playing to the crowd, as this where he really comes in to his own as a performer. He was bouncing around like it was no-one’s business, and managed to promote cries of encore from sleepy freshers well into the night.

Despite being impressed at this DJ’s skill and attitude, I was left wanting and wandered home with my ears ringing.

Photography by Ben Goulter.  More images available here