Life Drawing: In Pictures

Tuesday nights are sacred. Tuesday nights are for charcoal smudges, blank pages, and casual nudity. Art Society hosts Life Drawing every Tuesday from 8.15-10.15, and it is wonderful. A lovely crew of artistically minded (or not) people gather in the Barron Theatre for some nice, quiet self-expression. This week we started off with a few 5 minute poses, a 10 minute, a few quick 1 minute, then a longer 15, and break. The break is always nice, as it gives you the chance to shake out from your intent hunched position, catch up with friends, or go out and get snacks. People chat about deadlines, gossip, and fun spring break plans, while munching on biscuits, or sipping on a Taste cappuccino. Some people wandered off during the break, so the second half of drawing was a bit quieter. This week’s session was very relaxed overall, due to smaller numbers, pre-break blues, and most likely because of the music. The playlist featured the Indie beauty of James Vincent Mcmorrow, Fleet Foxes, and The xx, among others.

ld 2

Sydney Luca-Lion – pencil


Dillon Yeh – pen & pencil

We had a male model this week, who also modelled last semester, so he was comfortable, and great about varying poses. He wandered around during the break, talking to people and asking to see work, which is always (usually?) welcome.


Sydney Luca-Lion – pencil


Francesca White – pen

At this point I’ve probably tried to convince the majority of my friends to come with me to Life Drawing, and some have come, while others express hesitation or simply say ‘I don’t draw’. I get that the idea of drawing a naked person could be rather uncomfortable, or it could be intimidating to think of all the profoundly cool, artistically talented people that come to Life Drawing, but if you have ANY inclination to go, please do. It’s not scary or uncomfortable. People are very supportive and easy-going, and any level of artist is welcome, along with almost any medium. People use charcoal, pencil, pen, ink, watercolour, you name it. I’ve even seen someone bring in a block of clay, and sculpt.

See you next Tuesday!


Lucy Reis – pen

Images courtesy of Sydney Luca-Lion