Makeup Styles: Big Top Ball

Roll up, roll up! It’s Big Top Ball time again and rather than do a What To Wear I have compiled a selection of online make up tutorials to help you avoid looking like a clown (oh god, what a terrible pun). Hopefully these sets can give you some inspiration for your look at Big Top Ball.
Gold EyesBTB - Gold Eyes

A classic and glamorous make up choice is gold eyes. The warming tones can really brighten up your eyes, and having them as the sparkly focal point is an easy way to glam up any outfit. When it comes to applying eye make up, priming is key, good brushes are always an investment, and blending various colours can really work wonders. The beauty of the gold eye is in its flexibility. Try a dark and smoky gold by blending different browns, pinks and golds. Or, if you want to go for a more vintage look, sweep some gold eye shadow across your eyelids and then finish off the look with some dark liquid eyeliner: don’t hold back on the flick! Go big on the eyes, and more subtle on the lips. Try nudes and pinks, or better yet, attempt to find your MLBB (my lips but better) colour – if you have no idea what this means, I didn’t until I found this video, have a look here. For some inspiration to create a beautiful gold eye, try looking here, here or here.


Dark Lips
BTB - Dark Lips
The Dark Lip has really had a come back recently, and I know some of you may be thinking that it should be left for halloween and winter, I really think that a dark lip can still look super glam. For one thing, red lipstick with a blue rather than orange undertone can make your teeth look whiter! The dark lip is also an easy choice in terms of make up, as application isn’t too difficult and it can definitely glam up a whole outfit if used properly. Red is a classic, so if you’e not feeling too brave, go for a dark red lip rather than a darker purple shade. Make sure to apply numerous coats, and use lip pencil if possible to really define your pout. Lip pencil can be a real godsend if you want to shape your lips and give them real definition. Application is key when it comes to longevity with lipstick, and so to stop it from coming off after your first sip of the evening, make sure to apply it really well. Follow tips from tutorials like this one, this one or this one.
The most important thing when it comes to make up is choosing what you want to be your focal point. Doing one part of your look really well, can make a huge difference and can totally glam up an LBD or a more simple dress. Remember to experiment, have fun and have the make up remover wipes handy while you’re getting ready!