Music Is Love, Actually

Your bedroom isn’t the most obvious choice of locale for a music concert. But this was no ordinary gig. Coordinated by Anna Merryfield (who bravely let almost fifty music lovers invade her room) and Music Is Love, the event featured the cream of St Andrews folk scene.  Mug of mulled wine in hand, snuggled on the sofa with a handful of suddenly close casual acquaintances, I felt in the expectant hum of the room and the serene smiles of the performers the anticipation of a truly great show.

First up was Andrew Pearson & The Riflebirds, weaving a delicate web of sound on guitar, clarinet and some kind of technical mastery resembling a miniature keyboard. Pearson’s soft vocals, reminiscent of Noah & The Whale’s Charlie Fink, with Tilly Rossetti and Calum West accompanying, provided a perfect warm up to the slightly self-conscious crowd perching on various beanbags and cushions. Check out Common Records, the label set up by Andrew and Calum.

Hamish Hawk was up next, supported by Alex Duthie. Despite a broken microphone (clearly the dulcet tones of the previous act had proved too raucous) Hawk played a blinder of a set, entertaining the captive audience with wittily penned tales of lost love, morally dubious ex-girlfriends and Spanish professors called Bernard. Hawk’s charisma, clever lyrics and engaging style of performance had the audience paying close attention, laughing and then swooning in the same breath.

The final to perform was our hostess Anna herself as part of The Moon, the Son & the Daughters, accompanied by her brother Gabriel on violin and Hannah Simmons on the ukulele. Their self penned songs encouraged audience participation (which was eagerly and enthusiastically given), and soon even the most reserved observers were clicking their fingers, clapping and swaying along to some absolutely magical folk tunes.  The evening drew to a magnificent close with The Moon, The Son et al performing an acoustic version of Lady Marmalade, sung in exquisite harmony and given an addictively jazzy edge by Gabriel on violin. Quirky, charming and just plain fun, this was a perfect end to the set. On the last refrain of Voulez-vous couchez avec moi, ce soir? everyone – without exception – was on their feet.  

With the clamour for a repeat event being so insistent, Music Is Love is already planning the next venture… Check out their Facebook for details.  

Images compiled by Nicole Horgan