On The Rocks: Volunteer Opportunities

At the end of break, St Andrews transforms from a coastal town with an empty castle to one where students flood the streets and (too soon) the library. Yet all the bustle of plane rides and train trips and those few blissful days before classes begin are a minor stir compared to the ten-day long creative frenzy of On The Rocks. And this year, the committee is looking for eager volunteers to help make the festival better than ever.

We’re proud to say that On the Rocks is the country’s largest student-run arts festival, but both its success and its renown rely on just that— students. Volunteers are what make OTR possible, and the experience is what makes them keep coming back. “It was a part of the reason for me getting further involved,” says Jessica Armstrong, who volunteered in her first year and is now OTR’s Head of Press. Among talented artists, actors, and musicians, it’s no wonder the enthusiasm is contagious.

So if you’ve enjoyed On the Rocks before, or are just curious about all this buzz, start an application today. The time commitment is no burden, and there are plenty of positions to help out. Volunteers make sure every part of the festival runs smoothly, from workshops to ticket sales to setup, so there’s always a place to lend a hand.

And did I mention the perks? Each volunteer will receive a free t-shirt with On the Rocks’ logo and free access to any unsold tickets. Volunteering is also a great way to plump up your CV and to learn the ins and outs of event planning, which is especially helpful for anyone interested in joining an OTR subcommittee or exec next year.

On the Rocks is a worthwhile opportunity to support the arts and your fellow students. The festival runs from the 6th to the 15th of April, but volunteer applications close on the 11th of February at 11pm. So please, fill out the form below and join in on the year’s best and busiest week!