OTR: Music, Art and Earth Review

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, daffodils are blooming, and students are spread out on lawns across town. Spring is in the air. To this lovely Wednesday afternoon On the Rocks brought Music, Art and Earth, hosted by the Art Society, the A Cappella Society, and Transition. The event was held at the Botanic Gardens during the afternoon with flowerpots for decorating, seeds for planting, and featured musical performances by a number of St Andrews’ wonderfully talented a cappella groups.


My friends and I made the relatively short walk from DRA over to the Gardens, blanket and sketchbooks in hand. The event was taking place on the grass on one end of the greenhouses, and there were a few picnic tables, but most people were relaxing on the grass. We spread out our blanket and listened to the lovely melodies that one of the groups was performing. There were only a few a cappella groups that performed short sets during the event, so there was plenty of time where there was no music, which I actually enjoyed as well. It gave the opportunity to listen to the bees buzzing and birds singing and talk with friends without feeling rude.


Some people were sketching or painting some of the flowers, some were decorating flowerpots, while others simply enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the company of friends. I saw a few people making daisy chains from the flowers peeking through the grass and others do (or attempt) cartwheels. A bit later in the afternoon, seeds and soil were brought out and people were invited to sow the seeds. A number of seeds, such as broccoli and mixed lettuces, were also offered as giveaways, along with some small potted plants. It started to get a bit cooler as the event wound down, and my friends and I finished the afternoon with a wander around the beautiful botanic gardens before heading off to tutorial readings and coursework.


This was possibly the most relaxing and relaxed event I have been to, seeming less like an event and more like a group picnic-y gathering (minus the food) with some a cappella sprinkled in. I have no complaints about this, as it was the best Wednesday afternoon I’ve had in a while. It can often be hard to pull yourself away from schoolwork or Netflix without having a particular reason, but this event provided the perfect opportunity to go outside and enjoy the springtime and the Botanic Gardens.

Images courtesy of the author.