OTR: Rescore III Preview

The annual event – sure on its way to becoming a St Andrews institution – in which the score of a film is rewritten by student musicians returns this year! This year Gravity is the film of choice. We talked to the team behind the screening:


What format does your event take?

Rescore is an audio-visual event series that has been a part of On The Rocks for the past two years. The event involves a group of musicians writing and performing a score for a film that has little or no music in it. This criterion restricts our choice but in the past we have performed over screenings of No Country for Old Men and The Birds. This year, we are lucky to do the same for Gravity this year since Warner Brothers is releasing a special “silent space” version sans score.


What is special about Rescore III?

The musicians involved get to be a part of an intensely creative process usually handled by professionals within the scoring industry. Though daunting on the surface, it allows us to take each scene in any direction we like. Of course, we are limited by what Alfonso Cuarón has directed on screen, but it’s surprising how much music can alter the mood of a frame or line.


What do you want the audience to take away from the event?

We put a lot of effort into making the event feel just like seeing a movie in the theatre. The musicians are hidden off to the side of the screen so we don’t distract. We try not to make it feel like a 1.5 hour concert; this is an immersive reinterpretation of a modern classic. Our goal is for the audience to forget that there are 4 musicians backstage and to simply enjoy the experience with us.


Rescore III will take place at 8pm on the 10th April in the Barron Theatre. Tickets are £3. More information here