OTR: Salome Preview

As part of this year’s On The Rocks Festival, Mermaids will perform Oscar Wilde’s Salome, his most controversial play. Blending traditional theatre with visual and performance arts, Salome subverts the biblical story of John the Baptist and creates a retelling, focusing on Salomé, Princess of Judea, and her deathly dance. Exploring gender, faith, love, lust, sex, politics, predators, prey and death, we are promised that heads will (quite literally) roll.


We caught up with Tyler and Alex from the team behind Salome to find out more.



Why particularly did you want to bring Salome to St. Andrews?

Tyler: It was not that we wanted to bring Salome to St. Andrews, rather, that we wanted to bring St. Andrews to Salome. An initiation rite, or, if you prefer, a cultural baptism, into our overarching creative vision.

Alex: Salome is larger than St Andrews– we are on a global cultural mission to educate the masses on the triviality of gender and how the powers at be demonize strong, sexual, feminine figures.


Salome has been described as a religious experience in itself, how are you creating this in your performance?

Tyler: The act of creation alone is intrinsically religious, is it not? To create is to share in the ultimate creative power. Come to church.

Alex: Religious archetypes are the foundations of modern culture. Salome subverts this narrative and presents a new story with a postmodern, deconstructed critique of the social norms that keep us bound. Salome is liberation. Salome is freedom.


Why will Salome be a show not to be missed?     

Tyler: Peer behind the curtain, or should I say veils, and you’ll see.

Alex:  I don’t know, really. We’re tame people putting on a quaint period piece. Sweet dreams.


Catch Salome at 20:00 on Tuesday 7th and at 21:30 on Wednesday 8th April, at The Byre Studio.

Join the Facebook event here.

Tickets are available from The Byre Box Office.