Polaris: Interview


We sat down with the star of Polaris , Hannah Raymond Cox.
What inspired you to write Polaris?

I’ve been writing slam poetry for about a year and a half now, and have been relatively successful with it (which was one hell of a surprise). Someone came up to me at the Fringe and told me they wanted to see a longform show from me, and I thought… I mean I guess could give it a go, how hard could it be? The answer is very. I think it’s an important story that resonates with a lot of people, especially in St Andrews. We’re all a transient population grappling with the idea that nowhere is really home, we’re discovering who we are, we’re all a bit scared.

What makes your show stand out from other shows during On the Rocks?

Polaris is a show unlike any St Andrews has seen before. We’ve had poetry shows (short form stuff by Inklight), we’ve had traditional theatre one woman shows (Mermaids and other production teams). But we’ve never had a full scale spoken word show before. We haven’t heard *this* story before.

So why did you choose to put the show up in the Aikmans cellar?

Aikmans is the beating heart of the St Andrews poetry scene. Also, it’s a great venue for making the audience feel cosy, which is something that’s hard to do in a traditional theatre space like the Barron or the Stage, or (god forbid) the Byre. I’m pretty keen on nonstandard venues. Aikmans in paticular makes the audience engage with the story on an uncomfortable level. You’ve nowhere to hide, except behind your pint.

Can you some up Polaris in 3 words?

Three words, eh? My producer Grace would say Home. Family. Comfort. I’m more keen on Theatre. Poetry. FREE.

Polaris is going up on the 31st March and the 1st of April in Aikmans. Get your tickets here for free: http://byretheatre.com/events/polaris-14/