Polaris: Reviewed

It’s very rare that I can honestly recommend a show to anyone and everyone, but rare things have a habit of happening on occasion. This is one of those occasions. As far as I know the plan is to take this show to the Edinburgh Fringe festival this August. If you find yourself in Edinburgh for the festival, you should absolutely see this show.

Hannah Raymond-Cox is a veteran of both Inklight and Mermaids and her experience shows. She welcomes you in to her performance and lays her soul bare to you for an hour in a way that’s funny, moving and utterly charming. Hannah has an amazing quality that very few spoken word performers have, she makes every word seem like it’s flowing out of her as if she was just talking to you. I suspect it’s a quality she honed as an actress, after all acting is the subtle art of making memorised lines seem spontaneous. If I was to nit-pick a flaw with her performance it would have been the “bad poetry-slam” pauses. Anyone who’s watched a cringe worthy spoken word performance will know what I mean. Although they were very brief and didn’t really take anything away from Hannah’s emotional performance, they could have been a bit shorter.

The biggest weakness of the show (and what holds it back from getting a 5 Owlie rating) was that it lacked focus in the middle. The rest of the show was perfectly crafted to interweave the themes of the show while engaging us in episodes of Hannah’s life, but in the middle it appeared to drift off topic. She may have gotten away with it if the rest of the show wasn’t so tight, but the meticulous nature of the rest of the show makes this meander stick out awkwardly.

I’ll reiterate, just so all of you in the back row get the message, this was an excellent show. Easily one of the best I’ve seen this year or perhaps even in my time at St Andrews. If you have the opportunity to see this show, see it. It will not disappoint you. If it does I’ll give you your money back personally in the currency of your choice.

4.5 Owlies (Editors Note: Olli would have liked to have given it a 4.75, but sadly we only review in increments of 0.5)