Preview: Around the World of Dance


Reading through the press packet provided by the team behind Around the World of Dance, I am struck by their sincerity. There’s no pretension, no extravagant phrasing or meaningless marketing words. Instead, their answers are motivated by their dedication to a group of dancers, whom they want to let perform. While Around the World of Dance promises to be an extremely varied dance showcase, with a cast of over fifty dancers from nine different teams, the real draw of the show should be that sincerity, which brings an unmistakable energy to a production.

The team is quite open with their performers’ lack of experience, openly admitting that “[m]any members have never had dance training before,” but that they want the “full experience of dancing and performing”. But they don’t worry about that, preferring to encourage and, “attitude of acceptance and community,” with a focus on “having fun”. Isn’t that lovely?

While some of the dancers are novice, their ideology is rather advanced. On the subject of their partnership with On The Rocks, the team said that they “share the same goals in trying to spread diversity and to embrace different forms of art”. This, they’ve certainly done, incorporating their own classes, including salsa and burlesque, into a show alongside groups as diverse Celtic Soc, Classical Indian and the Blue Angels.

Around the World of Dance promises to be quite an interesting show, combining a clearly bottomless enthusiasm with a huge range of dance style and performers. You can see it the night of April 8th, 7:00 at the Byre.