Preview: MiL presents On the Rocks Opening Night

This Friday sees the official launch of the On the Rocks art festival in collaboration with Music is Love!

On the Rocks, the student-run arts festival that dominates most of the last few teaching weeks of the semester, showcases the best of student and local art, fashion, theatre, photography, film and music, in the best – and sometimes the most surprising – venues around town. Starting in 2009, the festival has attracted the likes of some of the biggest names in the arts industry, providing a platform to demonstrate the creativity and talent that is seen so often all over the UK.

Coming into its newly refurbished home of the Byre Theatre, the festival is set to flourish this spring with a plethora of events already being prepared for. Holding around forty events, the festival mixes the usual with the newfound, such as Inklight poetry slams paired with installations from upcoming artists outwith the university. Music is Love’s launch will see a combination of both the talents of student societies as well as musicians from beyond the coastal routes, providing its audience with a well-rounded sense of appreciation for the artistic talents that creatives in Scotland have to offer.


In attempts to fully utilize the space offered by the Byre, the launch is a two-tiered ticketed event. For £2, attendees can enjoy post-graduate anthropology installations paired with soundtracks from Moodroom Collective in the Studio upstairs. The foyer will see mini-exhibitions of poetry and art from the zines and literary societies in St. Andrews such as St.Art and stereoscope, while downstairs the Main Bar will hold performances by Jazz and Folk society. Other acts are still to be confirmed.

The most exciting feature is in the Main Auditorium. In true Music is Love style the auditorium will hold a mighty three-band lineup. With support from the burgeoning Inti Rowland and his effervescently tinkling guitar and falsetto voice, as well as the wonderful Jemimia Thewes, headlining is acclaimed Edinburgh based Eagleowl. Having been praised in The Herald, The List and The Skinny, Eagleowl are set to perform their unique musings of sulkily potent pop. Describing themselves as a ‘lethargic pop band’, Eagleowl mix inventive musical textures with traditional song structures yet earmark it with their ‘trademark restraint’, as put by the Herald’s Alan Morrison, providing a truly unmissable experience. And, not for the faint-hearted, the night will end with a set from Moodroom Collective in the upstairs bar.

If the launch is to demonstrate one thing, it is that On the Rocks will be starting big as it hopefully intends to go on.

Tickets for the auditorium events are £6 and sold outside the library Wednesday and Thursday 11-5 so get there before they go. Details here.