RAG Week Life Drawing

Who doesn’t like drawing nude figures in the softly lit cave of the Barron Theatre? No one? Good. The Art Society hosts life drawing every Tuesday night from 8.15-10.15pm and all are welcome. Chairs are set up in rows in the audience section of the theatre while the model graces the stage. There are different models each week, with a nice mix of men and women. This week, the President of Art Soc herself was our lovely model, and she did an excellent job. She was versatile and composed, holding poses that were interesting and beautiful to render on the page. We started with a 10-minute pose, a few quick 1 to 5 minute poses, and then a longer 15-minute pose. The variation in time was great, allowing for fast sketches to loosen up, and longer poses where one could focus more on detail.


After this we had a break, where people could stretch and chat, and admire each other’s work. The breaks were lively, with people talking animatedly with their neighbours. Life drawing seemed busier than usual this week, perhaps due to the draw of RAG week (all the money from Life-Drawing went to a charity) and the still relatively light workload (at least for us sub-honours people). After the break, we started back up with some longer poses.


One of my favourite parts of Life Drawing is the way that the moment the poses start up people fall silent and retreat into their own creative world. Voices fade and the theatre is filled with the sound of charcoal or pencil on paper and the chill beats coming from the speakers in the corner. Life Drawing has some of the best music selection in St Andrews (this is my personal opinion, but I stand by it) featuring the likes of London Grammar, Tame Impala, Bonobo, and Daughter, as well as other remixes.


The music, the dim lighting, and the wonderfully creative and talented people all come together to create the perfect atmosphere to relax and step away from our busy everyday lives. I don’t think about what readings I have to do, or something stupid I said, or any other trivial details—Life Drawing allows for the space to just sit and create and let the mind unwind. This week’s session was particularly great, and I can’t think of a better way to have spent my Tuesday evening.

Images courtesy of Sydney Luca-Lion