Raisin Games: some inspiration

This is published anonymously, because really it is an amalgamation, a collection of ideas that have been passed from generation to generation you might say… If you're struggling for inspiration for games, go back to what's important – family. You're the parent, and you want your children to have a good time, so start with some kids' games.

Jenga, but no ordinary jenga.

A little sedate I hear you say? Why, no, not this game. Quite good for the tipsy stage, when shame is quickly becoming a thing of the past but before manual dexterity is only a memory…

Write tasks/drinks/challenges on jenga blocks before creating the stack… rather obviously, whichever brick is pulled out, the child or parent must complete said task/drink/challenge. There should also be a forfeit for whomever knocks the tower over.

Pass the Parcel a classic

We all remember it from birthday parties of the past. Much the same as jenga, drinks or task surprises included in every layer. It can also include unpleasant things to eat/drink.. pickled eggs, lemons etc.

Apple bobbing – except not…

Make it onion bobbing in beer or some such thing… be creative, maybe include a theme.

As the morning progresses…

Danger Canfor when things get idiotic

I hope none of you have played this. It is juvenile, it is moronic, but it is also hilarious to watch. You must possess at least one tinnie. This can is passed around the group, and while everyone chants, they must take turns smashing it against their head with the intention of cracking it. This person must then drink it. Like I said, moronic.

Boat Race for multi-family fun

If your raisin is a large many familied affair, line each family up, everyone with their own drink and simply start from the front. Once the person in front has finished, the next may start; a simple race. If you want added silliness and stickiness, place the emptied cup on your head.

Baggothis requires an outdoor space

An easy game if you have good hand-eye coordination, but by this point your children probably won't. Stand in a circle, chanting BAGGO while chucking the bag of wine across the circle. If the bag is dropped, the fool who dropped it must drink from the bag for a (previously decided) number of seconds. They then get to create a rule to last until the next person drops it… for instance, hopping baggo… everyone must hop. You get the picture.