Raisin Recovery Guide

It doesn’t matter if you are a fourth year or a fresher, Raisin takes its toll. A weekend of heavy partying and early morning foaming is fantastically tiring. Here’s a quick guide to aid your recovery from the hangover of doom or to get you through those Raisin blues.

One: Write
Whether you suffer from graphophobia or you’re an aspiring Bridget Jones, the best way to solidify your raisin experience is in words. Grab a coffee and a pen and pour your memories onto the page (or your coffee if those shakes have got the better of you). Just get it all out; confessions, blurry recollections, your Monday morning outfit and your Sunday night state. Maybe a few years later you’ll look back and remember your brief moments of freedom and your academic family’s names.


Two: Read
Preferably read something a little intellectual to remind yourself that your brain is not in fact made of mush. Choose something outside of your course and indulge in a little enjoyable reading for once. Now is the time to at last dust off that book you’ve been attempting to read all semester. Instead you might like to entice yourself out of bed and grab a newspaper to catch up on current affairs outside of the bubble.

Three: Stick on Netflix

Grab some grub and pick your favourite comedy to keep the light-hearted mood going for one more day. You can at last put your feet up or lie in bed surrounded by chocolate wrappers and popcorn after the most full on weekend of the semester. Make sure you pick something you’ve seen before; it’s difficult to hold your attention spans for long when your eyes are already half-closed.duvet

Four: Don’t stress
Though grabbing the bull by the horns and getting on with work is commendable, you’ll regret it when you still feel a little awful mid-week. So what if your deadlines are looming or you’ve got a hundred pages to read for tomorrow. Raisin only comes around once a year like Christmas and you wouldn’t write an essay while opening your presents so you shouldn’t write one now.

Basically, this advice is aiming to steer you towards enjoying a bit of ‘me time’. We all need a little cultural recovery every now and again and Raisin Monday has the added bonus of being the perfect day to indulge.