Series Review: Homeland episode 2

Everything has changed!

Claire Danes can act crazy; she can do bulging eyes and manic rants and wild gesticulations like no other (except maybe Jack Nicholson, who has always had a penchant for it). And as she responds to a doctor, 'Well given I'm chained to a gurney in a hostpital gown, I'd say I'm beyond calm, I'm FUCKING ZEN' …not zen-like, I was still chuckling at the crazy. Then she gets strapped to a table again and it all goes a bit 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' with dubious doctors and grey lighting. Frankly with all the real life baby hormones I'm surprised she's holding it together. However, this week it got a little tedious watching her storm about and shout like an adolescent 'LEAVE ME ALONE!' particularly when that was at our new good guy, Quinn.

And our new bad guy, Saul, is just not Saul any longer. We were reeling enough with the thought that he'd sell Carrie down the river, but that he would have a go at the quiet newbie for wearing a headscarf?! Not cool Saul, and also, not Saul. Who even is he any more?? I think to convince us he's even the same man, there should be a scene where someone tries to tug off his mask á la Leslie Nielsen. Until then, I'm not climbing aboard this new Saul train.

Dana continued to be as self-involved and whiny as ever, sulking and skulking about her mother and losing her virginity in some kind of manic episode. UNTIL EVEN SHE TRANSFORMED. Dana, shockingly, was the brief respite from Carrie's excessively frustrating angst and Saul's full brain transplant by saying that she was all better now and wants to live. Although, this is all because of a boy, and we know how fickle puppy love can be – especially when one puppy is still in the madhouse. On the point of Dana, how OLD are the creators of Homeland? I'm not long out of adolescence myself and I REALLY feel their portrayal of those under 20 as selfie-obsessed, mumbling, clichés is a little harsh.

Quinn is becoming more interesting. He makes an oblique reference to his shady status to Carrie, lest we forget that he almost killed Brodie, and that he is one mysterious mother-fucker. But now he has killed a nine-year-old, he can see the CIA for what it is becoming and 'he's out' when this is all over… because he has a conscience now. We're reminded of this again when he threatens the lying man from the bank; we're still on his side at this point because it's OK to threaten a banker.

Speaking of the CIA there wasn't much CIA business going on, except the new girl getting shit from everyone about being a Muslim, despite being seemingly excellent at her job. Even the corrupt bankers have a swipe. Oh, and there's the whiff of intrigue about the $45million missing that Saul wants to keep secret…???

And when I think I don't really care any more, a heavily drugged up, semi-paralysed Carrie, utters a quiet 'fuck you' to Saul that she REALLY REALLY means, and Dana finds her dad's prayer mat; I am reminded how much I love/hate Carrie and how much I did love the Dana and her dad relationship and promise myself I'll keep watching.