Series Review: Homeland episode 3

This wasn't Homeland. For the past couple of episodes it has been experimenting with how far from Homeland it can get; this episode can barely see Homeland in the distance, beckoning it back from the void. Brody is back, and it should've been exciting!! It was fiiine. But it wasn't Homeland.

The first question on my mind, despite the fact Brody is being held captive/kept safe by gangsters who seem to owe Carrie a favour, is who the hell is this doctor guy?! He is like some discarded brain child of Joss Whedon and Baz Luhrman, that makes me wonder whether I've fallen asleep (possible in this slow SLOW episode) and am watching Baz's vision of how life might've been for Juliet had she not blown her brains out all over Leo in the tomb. Actually that doesn't sound that unreasonable. I digress. It turns out this strange hollow doctor character, who seems only to turn up at timely moments of distress to hook Brody on heroin and offer weary wisdom, is a paedophile.

I did like the Tower of David visuals; not original, granted, but still pleasing. It also provides another venue for banker bashing (remember Quinn's death threats to the terrorist funding bankers last week?) since the tower was commissioned by an egotistical banker and it has since turned into hell on earth, filled to the brim with murderers, paedophiles, prostitutes and drug addicts. I feel a few scenes in the episode could get away with appearing in an Eminem music video, from his pre-rehab phase, or maybe even breaking bad. Is that flattering Homeland?

It's halfway through the episode before Carrie even appears, which reminds us… Who is this man sheltering Brodie? How does he know Carrie? When did she do him this remarkable favour? Why did she ever help such a murderous, cruel gangster?

The whole episode, although thankfully devoid of Dana, drudged on a little, and was more than a little heavy-handed pointing out the similarities between Carrie and Brody, and between Brody's life now and Brody's captivity in Iraq. Like the whole series so far, it has raised enough questions and laid out enough potential plot lines to keep me watching, I just wish it would get on and run with something now.