Sneak Peak: On The Rocks Reveal

The countdown has begun. With just five weeks to go until On The Rocks returns for its sixth year, we catch up with festival director, Emily Rogers. Incorporating art, photography, film, fashion, theatre, dance, music and comedy events to create a week-long celebration of student talent, On The Rocks is most definitely a highlight in the university calendar. Event applications are in, volunteers have been recruited, promo has begun – time to get the low-down on what this year’s festival has in store…

So last time we spoke, applications for events were pouring in… Any chance of a sneak preview of what this year’s festival has in store?

2014 will be On The Rocks’ biggest year yet, with 31 events in the program, clay, painting and organ playing (yes, you can learn to play the organ with On The Rocks) workshops, and an interactive mural and video project, there will be something for everyone! I can’t wait for all of our Heritage themed events (there will be a special, discounted ticket that gets you into all of them) and ReScore 2. Last year, when we got ReScore’s application, we all thought it sounded too good to be true: a group of musicians writing an original score to a movie and performing it live right there while you watch the movie? And there’s free popcorn? It turned out to be the highlight of my week and I’m happy to say they will be back this year in the Barron on the first Saturday of the festival! There will also be seven plays, two sketch shows, five dance events, one musical (Cabaret!), several music nights, movie screenings, and art exhibitions. Keep an eye out for our box office in early April, tickets for that one will sell fast!

OTR has been linked with some pretty famous faces, what are they doing this year to support the festival?

We are so lucky to have the patrons that we do- not only are they well known and respected in their fields, but they’ve been very generous and encouraging over the past six years. Last year we got Andy Serkis on board, which was so exciting (Gollum likes On The Rocks!). And we hope to unveil a new musical Patron later this year! In the vein of generosity, we have a big announcement to make! In April, near the opening of our box office (2nd or 3rd April), we will be holding an auction. We will be auctioning off three items that have one thing in common: Dame Helen Mirren. She is generously donating her personal script from The Audience, the unique programme from the National Theatre 50th Anniversary show on 2 November, 2013, and the poster used for the Washington DC performance of Phedre. All items are one off and have been signed by Helen Mirren. She has donated these items to help the festival raise funds. As we are a charitable organization and do not keep any of the proceeds made by the events that we support, any extra funding we come by helps us to maintain the festival’s high standard. If you are interested in bidding for these items or would like to attend the event, like our Facebook page and keep an eye on it!