St Andrews Night Live: Reviewed


Live from the Barron Theatre, it’s St. Andrews Night, with your host, Joe Tantillo! Or something of that nature. Over the past few months, the St. Andrews Comedy society has been hosting weekly workshops for aspiring comedians to try out new art forms, work with different groups and hone their skills. St Andrews Night Live was a showcase of the talents the team had developed, featuring both stand up and sketch comedy.



The first thing I noticed during the sketch portion, was how well they utilized each comedian’s natural talents. For example, Patrick Rowan’s affinity for the weird and unusual made him an excellent spoof on the heavy metal rocker stereotype, while Jamie Jones’s knack for the irreverent (if not slightly offensive) caused a scene in which he played Henry VIII to stand out.

The stand up was of a high caliber across the participants, with new comic Annie Leverton once again successfully strutting her stuff and veteran Joe Irvine still never failing to make me laugh, and then cry. It was obvious that each performer put forth a great deal of thought into their set, and it was wonderful to see both old and new talent give a great performance.


Most importantly though is that every actor seemed enjoy participating in the showcase. This made the occasional corpse or unintentional break of the fourth wall far more acceptable to the audience and added to the laid-back atmosphere. Notable performances include Valentine Moscivici and Louis Catliff, who brought energy to every scene, Tom Caruth, whose comedic prowess seems to grow stronger by the week, and Joe Tantillo and Bernie Munro, for their short but hilarious cameos.

While the show was not without its flaws, St. Andrews Night Live was thoroughly enjoyed by both audience and cast. I was very impressed with the hard work, dedication, and of course, the final product, and look forward to seeing the participants in whatever they decide to bring to the St. Andrews comedy scene next!

St Andrews Night Live was part of On The Rocks

Photos provided by Light Box