Summer at the cinema

With spare time, and hopefully spare cash, the cinema suddenly becomes a viable option once again come summertime. Here is a selection of what’s on after exams end…

Godzilla (15th May)

It’s Godzilla! It’s GODZILLLA!!!

X-men: Days of Future Past (22nd May)

The original X-men team up with their younger selves in a battle to change the past, to save the future… Yep, they’re not going to stop with this cash cow just yet. Nothing I say will stop you from seeing this. Nothing I say will stop me from seeing this. So go on, give Marvel more money.

Maleficent (28th May)


One of Disney’s most iconic villains has her story told in this warped fairytale. Angelina Jolie takes on the gargantuan character that has made children afraid to go to sleep since 1959. It’s Sleeping Beauty completely retold. The costume looks fantastic and no doubt it’s had money poured into it, so I’m excited to see what they’ve done with it.

A Million Ways to Die in the West (30th May)

This looks very Seth MacFarlane. That being said, people loved Ted and this looks similar. The plot doesn’t seem to totally hold together and Seth’s character is a modern day persona transported back to the times of the Wild West, but suspend disbelief and hatred for him and you might find it funny.

The Sacrament (6th June)

It’s another found-footage horror film, but it has been well received. This film is about a group of friends whose travel plans get interrupted and rerouted to a small bible belt town in America. The welcoming folk of this town, it turns out, are not so welcoming. It looks gory.

 Snowpiercer (27th June in America, no confirmed date for UK)


Bong Joon-ho adaptation of a French comic about post-apocalyptic earth. The last survivors live on a train that is segregated by social class. The trailer doesn’t tell us much, but cast includes Tilda Swinton and Chris Evans and so my guess is it’s going to be pretty spectacular.

Boyhood (11th July)

Written and directed by Richard Linklater, this ground-breaking film was shot over the span of 12 years following the life of one family. It tells the struggles of growing up and the struggles of being a parent and it looks set to be the outstanding film of the summer. But decide for yourself.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (17th July)


The last Apes prequel a while ago was actually pretty good and this one is directed by Cloverfield’s Matt Reeves so may well deliver too. The human race is decimated by simian flu and the apes are busy developing their society.

Jupiter Ascending (25th July)

Mila Kunis is a house cleaner who is actually the Queen of the Universe…?? But her right to the throne, and therefore her life, is being challenged by a snarling evil guy and Channing Tatum is sent to protect her and bring her into the fight, for everything.

I Origins (18th July in US, unconfirmed UK)

From the director of Another Earth, a researcher is looking at the human eye trying to prove something about human evolution. He plot revolves around a discovery he makes which turn everything he thought he knew on its head.

Supermensch: The legend of Shep Gordon (18th July)

What it says on the tin. But has picked up some awards at festivals and might really be interesting.

Earth to Echo (25th July)

It looks like it could essentially be an E.T. remake, with children who are actual children, not Hollywood children, who find an alien creature named Echo and choose to protect him from the authorities.

Mood Indigo (1st August)


This sounds like it might be a bit too much for some people. Michel Gondry tells the tale of a young women with a flower growing in her lungs. To pay for her treatment, her boyfriend takes on a series of ridiculous jobs. It stars Audrey Tautou, if that swings it one way or the other for you…

Guardians of the Galaxy (1st August)

Yes, it’s a Marvel film, but is also has a talking raccoon!!! Be sensible people.

The Giver (15th August in US)

Based on the young adult novel, this film is set in a world where history and emotion have been repressed. One person is assigned to savour all the emotions and experiences. Until predictably, there is a backlash and the people begin to see their utopia isn’t so utopian. A sort of futuristic Pleasantville.

Lucy (22nd August)

Scarlett Johannson looks to be back with another great film here. She plays an unwilling drug mule, who develops superpowers when she accidentally ingests some of the drugs. She then obviously proceeds to exact painful, bloody revenge. Frankly I think it looks brilliant and I cannot wait to see how the drugs make her super cool but slowly drain away her humanity.

If I Stay (22nd August in US)

if i stay

It sounds terrible: a girl loses her entire family in a tragic car accident and is left in a coma. Her sort-of-ghost lives outside her body to help her decide whether to live or die. It’s like a really bad It’s a Wonderful Life, yes? Except it has Chloe Moretz and hasn’t been totally trashed by the press so far, so it’s maybe worth a go if you want to cry.

The Rover (22nd August)

A dystopian crime drama starring Robert Pattinson, abandoned by his brother during a car theft in the remote Australian outback. The victim of the theft is loner, Eric, who won’t let the car go and sets out to find the group who stole it with Pattinson. Highly praised at Sundance, this looks like it might be pretty good.

Deliver us from evil (22nd August)

A film promising the primary evil, as opposed to secondary evil born from human nature, and starring Eric Bana. The actual plot will probably follow the form of every horror movie ever, but it looks like it’ll be a good one; if you like that kind of thing.

Obvious Child (29th August)


A  twenty-something female navigating complicated waters of life when you’re unemployed, single, and pregnant just before Valentine’s day. Donna, our aspiring comedian lead, tackled her life with humour and humanity and though the film doesn’t look set to be outstanding, it looks to be a genuine, feel-good, summer film.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (29th August)

Sin City is back!! Yey for everyone! And this time, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will also be in it. Although, fair warning, this storyline isn’t an original comic storyline, so prepare for disappointment and you can’t be disappointed.

Sex Tape (5th September)

It’s a nightmare scenario, couple Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz film themselves having sex and accidentally upload it to “the cloud”, which means it is sent to their friends, their families and their bosses. The film centres on their japes trying to get back to tape.

A Most Wanted Man (5th September)

Based on John le Carré’s novel, Phillip Seymour Hoffman stars in this spy thriller. No doubt this film will draw in large audiences irrespective of trailers after Hoffman’s unexpected death earlier this year. But knowing le Carré, the story will be good, and knowing Hoffman, the acting will be good. It’s going to be good.