The 12 films of Christmas: part 1

So this is Christmas, and Owl Eyes has compiled a list of Christmas films to get you in just the right amount of cheer over revision period… May we present to you, the 12 films of Christmas…

Of course, it wouldn’t be responsible to give you all of them at once; after all you must fit in some revision. First up, these films are festive, they’re wintry, but they don’t obliterate your will for revision…


1) Meet Me in St Louis

This is easy viewing for when your brain is about to fall out of your ears, because essentially it has no plot. It revolves around the Smith family considering moving to New York, yep, just considering it. After some tantrums and the best rendition of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ ever, the family stay put, leaving everything unchanged.  Honestly, it’s a good film though.

Heart-warming rating: 4*


2) The Nightmare before Christmas

You might think a place named Halloween Town has no place in a Christmas movie, and indeed it doesn’t. Jack, an inhabitant of Halloween Town, tries to take over Christmas and it results in a charming, wonderfully animated tale that adds a twist to the conventional Christmas tale.

Heart-warming rating: 3*


3) Scrooged

Bill Murray is a heartless television executive bah and humbugging all over the place. UNTIL, he is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas. It falls slap bang into the most typical Christmas film, being entirely based on A Christmas Carol; but it features Bill Murray leading a sing along, which for any of you who were in Mitchells during last year’s Duhill Championship, makes it feel pretty much like we’re in the movie.

Heart-warming rating: 3*


4) While You Were Sleeping

Full disclosure, I am in love with Sandra Bullock and anything she is in is fantastic. But this really is something to cheer you up. Within the first ten minutes, you’re grateful you’re life isn’t as sad as Lucy’s (our protagonist) and then you’re chuckling as she gets herself into one of the most ridiculous mix-ups ever. She saves the life of a stranger she has long been in love with and when she visits him in hospital, the family believe her to be his fiancé. Cue the madness, confusion and of course complicated love story as she falls in love with his brother…

Heart-warming rating: 4*