The 12 Films of Christmas: part 2

So this is Christmas, and Owl Eyes has compiled a list of Christmas films to get you in just the right amount of cheer over revision period… May we present to you, the 12 films of Christmas…

Of course, it wouldn't be responsible to give you all of them at once; after all, you must fit in some revision. So here's the second installment, films that are getting positively festive… warning: numbers six and eight might just destroy your last will to revise, watch responsibly.

5) A Muppet’s Christmas Carol


I am actually really not fussed about this, but I went along to the NPH’s Christmas showing of it last year with some wine and a lot of people seemed to be getting really into it, and knew all the words, to all the songs. Who am I to deny the masses? I hope I don’t need to explain the plot to anybody… It’s Dickens’’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ where half the characters are played by muppets. Not muppets like Charlie Sheen, muppets like puppets.

Heart-warming rating: 3*

6) White Christmas


Full of marvellous classic Christmas songs, Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in spectacularly co-ordinated dances. There’s snow, there’s innocent 1950s romance, there’s song and dance. Need more?

Heart-warming rating: 3*



7) Trading Places



A little trickier than most of these others to explain. Dan Ackroyd is a wealthy trader who, through a wager between his bosses, ends up trading places with homeless Eddie Murphy. Experiencing how the other half lives gives them both perspective and in amongst the humour that ensues, they plot revenge on the men that played with their lives. Not quite your usual Christmas film, but cheery and affectionate nonetheless.

Heart-warming rating: 4*

8) Home Alone 1, 2 AND 3

I’m a maverick, I LIKE the 3rd installment of Home Alone. Sure it lacks Macaulay Culkin, but the new actor doesn’t do him injustice. And sure the plot is essentially the same as the 1st film, but who cares? It’s adorable! They are a Christmas must, that very nearly made it into the top 4. A small boy left home alone for various reasons, is set upon by burglars whom he must defeat in the most ingenious ways that made every kid jealous… Thereby he discovers the true meaning of Christmas and the value of family. And the soundtrack makes you feel like giving someone a hug.

Heart-warming rating: 5*