The Playlist: Week 10

After a hectic few weeks of deadlines, Week 10 is approaching at a much slower pace with plenty of ways to relax. If you need a little light-heartedness in your life, Blind Mirth are back in the Barron for a free night of the best improv comedy. BBC2’s new documentary on the Mekong River is just as entertaining as Sue heads along the river to its source while depicting the effects of renewable energy on the lives of those who live off the river. Both the film and book of choice this week celebrate the lives of two great figures in the Second World War. ‘The Imitation Game’ depicts the turbulent life of enigma code breaker Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) who received a posthumous royal pardon for his charge of indecency only last year. George Prochnik’s biography of Stefan Zweig, Austria’s most celebrated writer and the inspiration for Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, records another turbulent life of a man forced into exile by Hitler’s regime. And this week’s art showcase, with free wine, is bringing everything back down to earth with all proceeds from the art sold going towards local projects.