The Playlist: Week 7

With spring break just around the corner here’s a few cultural treats to speed up the week ahead. Going up this week in The Barron is Ben Jonson’s ‘The Alchemist’; the play is a biting satire about a trio of con artists that prey upon the greed of their fellow seventeenth-century Londoners. The new BBC drama ‘Banished’ is another historical piece, set in 1788 in New South Wales it follows the tensions between a group of British convicts and their masters. This week’s novel is a memoir about overcoming grief; Norbury gives an account of her journey from the source to the mouth a river, with stories and epiphanies along the way. ‘Still Alice’, the film this week, is equally poignant. It follows Alice Howland (Julianne Moore) as she copes with the disintegration of self through early onset Alzheimer’s disease. While this Friday, SAS’s Yurt Party bringing live music and DJs to a Yurt village in aid of Disability Snowsport UK is the perfect way to get set for the break.