The Playlist: Week Four

The fourth week is here along with the dark nights so here’s some recommendations to brighten up your week. The film, book and play of choice this week are all reworkings of Shakespeare. Jeanette Winterson’s book ‘The Gap of Time’ adapts The Winter’s Tale keeping the story the same while shifting the structure and adding a new modern setting. The new Macbeth film adaptation hits cinemas this week, Michael Fassbender takes title role in a modern post-traumantic stress meets warpaint and ‘Braveheart’ vibe. While the Barron theatre is about to become a psychiatric’s waiting room as Shakespeare characters are scrutinised in one-act comedy Antic Disposition. With the combination of coffee and acoustic covers, the second Star and Music is Love Live Lounge in Rector’s cafe is the event of choice this week. And it’s time for the last show stoppers and time we stopped wishing we were good at baking for a year as The Great British Bake Off Final is here.