The Playlist: Week Six

With post-raisin blues taking hold here’s a few suggestions to brighten up your week. Roleplay by Alan Ayckbourn hits The Barron stage this week, a light-hearted comedy that promises to deliver the laughs. ‘Fargo’ is back on our TV screens with a second series and new “true story” that will rewind back to 1979 with Kirsten Dunst, diner killing, UFO sightings and Ronald Regan. Also, stepping back in time is Jamaican born Marlon James’ ‘A Brief History of Seven Killings’ that won the Man Booker Prize last week. It focuses on the consequences of an unsuccessful plot to assassinate Bob Marley back in 1976 and is told from dozens of perspectives with technical brilliance as it breaks into free verse, streams of conscience and a nine page long sentence. This week’s film ‘Suffragette’ also made headlines via the protest at its premiere which goes to show the fight for women’s rights is not a distant issue. Also fighting for rights is Xavier Ball this week with its profits supporting refugees in East Africa. Xavier Ball is set to be a colourful end to your post-raisin week.