What to Wear: 600th Finale Ball

Ever dreamed of walking down the red carpet alongside the likes of Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn? What about partying at Gatsby’s or Studio 54? Luckily for you the 600th Finale Ball’s theme is vintage inspired, so for those of you with a pension for clothing from the past, the 600th Finale Ball is your opportunity to dress up from your favourite era!


600th Ball Outfit 1

Rich jewel tones in equally rich velvet evoke a sumptuousness reminiscent of Anne Boleyn, while the dress itself is 40’s style. Coupled with a pair of trendy gold-capped pumps and you’re set for the evening.


600th Ball Outfit 2

If you’re more inclined to keep it simple, channel Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a black lace dress. Keep the jewellery classic but interesting by layering pearls and choose a deep colour to accessorize.


600th Ball Outfit 3

A long satiny gown in a vibrant colour is certainly red carpet-worthy and will make you feel like you’ve been transported back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Keep the accessories neutral, but go all out with the jewellery, as the dress should be simple.


600th Ball Outfit 4

Start scouring Etsy now, as it’s the perfect place to find a vintage 50’s cocktail dress. Find a matching pair of shoes and slap on some red lipstick and winged eyeliner to finish off that perfect classic feel.


600th Ball Outfit 5

I know a lot of us are a bit Gatsby-ed out, but for those of you still feeling that 20’s vibe grab that drop-waist dress from your closet and you’re good to go! To update the look, put on a pair of chunky Mary Janes in a fall colour and add a cocktail ring to catch the light as you hold your champagne glass.


600th Ball Outfit 5

Last but not least, don’t forget the decades closer to our own! Although more ‘retro’ than vintage, the 70’s were a glamorous time and are a great choice if you’re looking for something bolder. For an early 70’s look, slip on a liquid metal dress and accessorize with graphic pieces in monochromatic tones. 

For the guys, it’s a bit simpler as men’s styles have not changed drastically for a couple hundred years. Pick your favourite suit and accessorize accordingly. For a mod 60’s feel, pick a skinny tie and equally close-cut suit (think Cinema Italiano in Nine, extra points if you can master the dance moves). Those who are pining for something a bit more extravagant can look the part of a Victorian gentleman with an excellent three piece suit and top hat for the more adventurous. And if even this doesn’t sate you, pull out all the stops and don a white suit a la Gatsby! (Come on, when else will you be able to find an excuse to purchase that white suit we know you’ve been debating over for ages?)

So pick your favourite decade and run with it! Regardless of what you choose to wear, the 600th Finale Ball is bound to be a roaring success!