What to wear: FS

Fashionista or not, FS is one of the social highlights of the St Andrews calendar. Dressing for a fashion show can seem rather daunting but hopefully some of these sets can give you a bit inspiration for this exciting event.




Monochrome is, and always will be, a classic and it’s set to be a big look this season. If you want to add a modern edge to the classic monochrome look, try chunky biker heels or a statement clutch. Choosing a dress with mesh inserts is a nice way to show some skin in the winter without feeling too bare. Classic monochrome deserves classic makeup, so think red lips and liquid eyeliner. However, if you fancy something more striking, go for a nude lip and bright eyes. With monochrome it’s difficult to go wrong so feel free to experiment and see what kind of look you can put together, letting the shape and cut of things be the focus, rather than the colour.


Tropical Brights

Tropical Brights

Tropical Brights

If the dark nights and wet days of February are getting you down, brighten up your evening with a holiday inspired outfit. With bright prints, the key is getting the right combination of dress, accessories and makeup. If you’re going for a bright dress, with a strong print, choose complimentary accessories. Otherwise, you could try colour blocking by using contrasting colours like blue and orange. If the thought of wearing a bright dress is just too much for you, try letting your accessories take centre stage, with strong print like those vintage style lemon print heels. When it comes to brights, keep your make up low key with a nude lip and a dark eye. Using colour is a great way to express yourself but be careful with this outfit as less can definitely be more when it comes to brights.


Sparkle isn’t just for Christmas..

Sparkle isn't just for Christmas

Sparkle isn’t just for Christmas

You may be suffering from post-holiday blues but why not dust off one of your old festive dresses and give it a re-vamp in February. A sparkly dress can immediately make you look and feel so glamorous and I’m a firm believer that you can rarely be too over-dressed. Like before, either choose your accessories or your dress to be the focus of this look. Try a nude lip and a smoky eye to compliment the glamour of the sequin. An up-do can look very classy when you want the focus to be on your dress, so perhaps go for a messy high bun.