What to Wear: St Andrews Ball

If St Andrews Ball is not the time to dress in the typical ‘St Andrews’ way, then I don’t know when is! This ball celebrates all things St Andrews and I’d say it’s a time to dust off your sparkly gowns or treat yourself to a new one… you have just survived a grueling 10 weeks of classes and deadlines after all. This What to Wear is quite monochromatic but often this can lead to the classiest of outfits. Hopefully it can give you some tips on how to go all out ‘St Andrews’ for the big event this weekend.
 The longer the better when it comes to traditional balls like this one. Take the chance to embrace St Andrews’ penchant for class and elegance while still marking your outfit with a sparkle of originality and fun accessories. If you’re feeling brave, try a jumpsuit like the flattering one below which is something a wee bit different for a ball. All of these dresses work well on their own or paired with accessories shown below.
WTW St Andrews Ball


Shoes can be the statement piece of your outfit when you’re wearing a more simple dress. Try something like those extra bright silver platforms below if you really want your shoes to be the focal point. Similarly, the glittery boots are a statement piece for those who find heels a bit too taxing. If you don’t mind the pain, strappy sandals like the white and the black pairs below are especially classy, and really big for AW14.
SHOES - St Andrews Ball


For those of you who aren’t from Scotland, or somewhere as cold as this, the East Fife winter can be quite abrasive. Make sure to wrap up warm with a stylish cardigan or your favourite coat. Adding a layer over your dress can add something to your outfit as a whole so don’t forget the details, the furrier the better. Having a bag is always handy and a small one is probably ideal for the St Andrews Ball. One with a strap is even better as it won’t hinder your dancing.
ACCESSORIES - St Andrews Ball


 The main thing to remember when dressing up for a ball is that you’ll feel your best and most confident when you’re comfortable. If heels aren’t your thing or the sparkles are too much, be inventive with your favourite top and skirt combination or your prized LBD. The best way to start is to pick one thing as your statement piece, be it your shoes, your dress or even a beautiful necklace. Keeping it simple can often be the best way to be classy and comfortable!
All images courtesy of Lori Anderson.