What to Wear: Welly Ball

Still don’t know what to wear? Never fear, Owl Eyes’ fashion experts Victoria Skeie and Becky Knight have  plenty of ideas for you. (Hint: they all involve wellies).

Fresher Welly

Arriving at Kinkell for the first time, the Fresher Welly is squirming in the boots they borrowed by their academic uncle’s cousin, the only pair they found in time. No one will notice that they aren’t real Hunter Wellies with the Knitted Hunter socks covering the top right? No matter, there is more shimmer in their outfit than in the fairy lights above the dance floor. If there were ever a time to be unashamedly bold, this would be it, which is why you finally put your Ciate lip kit to use.

Untitled black  bluelips

Hipster Welly [We know you are not actually hipster]:

Since the Hipster Welly wasn’t actually planning on going, but ended up with a ticket from someone, they grabbed the first thing in their closet and put on their fur coat they got on South Street. “It’s vintage”, just like their leather clutch. Their wellies are inked with drawings they made, don’t ask them why. Rocking a classy jumpsuit, they will definitely be able to go the hardest and dance the night away.

flowersclutch   rompercoat

Country Welly

They embrace tradition with elegance, from the sit down meal to cutting a striking figure on the dance floor, champagne glass in hand. Easily spotted by his father’s bow tie, with a Kate Middleton look-a-like in silver hunters alongside, both screeching ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ at the top of their lungs. Her ‘borrowed from the boys’ velvet blazer adds a twist to her beautiful ensemble, (no need to buy if you’ve already discovered your prince) along with a harris tweed clutch, she has country-meets-Kinkell nailed.

silver black dress  blue clutch blue blazerbow tiegreen boot


Sexy Welly

No stranger to the dance floor, she finally has an excuse to wear that little lace body con number she feared would appear too much with her sky-scraper heels. Mulling over the plethora of comfy wellies, will she go for a glittery Chelsea boot style or one laden in buckles with metallic socks peeking out. It’s a guarantee she’ll be hypnotising the brooding James Dean in the lace up wellies all night long. Whom she’ll subsequently leave dangling when she spots her first love: Dervish. (What are boys when chips are on the cards?)

black bootsocks sparkly boot green dress

Watching as always but certainly not from the shadows, is the Owl Eyes Welly! You may spot her yellow wellies and matching nails, twirling in her contrasting little black dress with a tutu twist.

owl eyes welly 1 9020ef5b4eea975479bc766aaff5735c-2owl eyes welly 2

See you on Saturday xx

Can’t wait? Check out the event’s Facebook page

All proceeds from the night will go towards the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. Visit their website to learn more about the organization and find out how you can help fight depression, remove the stigma attached to mental illness, and promote healthy wellbeing.