After a delightful support act by St Andrews’ very own improv group Blind Mirth, back from their recent and successful Fringe run, we were introduced to WitTank. WitTank is a comedy sketch troupe of three individuals, Mark, Kieran and Naz, who are without shame and seem to have no qualms about humiliating themselves, especially when interacting with the audience, performing extended animal impersonations and breaking out into mad, bawdy interludes, (which went down a treat for the sloshed fresher audience).

What the troupe were best at doing was subverting expectations. Sketches that would begin as a bit of social commentary would turn into the most bizarre and nightmarish spectacles. We were presented with quite standard social stereotypes only for them to be develop totally sub-human mannerisms and parade themselves around loudly and absurdly. They also work well together. Mark’s goofy charm complements Kieran’s straight man composure. However, Naz, the downright loon of the trio, with his great, booming voice and facial pliability stole the show. Their fabulously silly props and costumes and impressive tech also ooze professionalism.

Some sketches were of course more successful than others, but each of them managed to get a hearty chuckle at the very least. Aside from running the risk of offending some potential KK members in the audience, their tweed and chinos ‘were-twat’ sketch was a big hit, as well as some of the more directly specific St Andrews-based ones. It was a great way to kickstart freshers week and all in all, this spooneristically-named group put on a good show, and you should go and see it if you ever get a chance!

All images sourced from the official Wit Tank Website. Sourced by Nicole Horgan.