Beer & Brats Spring Festival

It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in St. Andrews so it is time to celebrate! Revel in style with Fine Food & Dining Society at Beer & Brats Spring Festival this Friday, April 22nd 1-5 pm in the Main Bar and Garden of the Union. This is a free event with German and Austrian food carts, various kinds of alcohol, outdoor art exhibitions, and live music! On the Roll (bratwurst cart typically found at the top of Butts Wynd) will be there cooking up a storm! Hear all about its founding and wild festival patrons in this interview with the owner Lennart Brüggemann:


  1. How did you come up with the idea for On the Roll? 

I just love a good Bratwurst and missed it loads in Edinburgh while studying, combined with the great weather in Scotland what’s better to do then selling them on the street!

  1. Where do you get the bratwurst for the cart?

We import our sausages from a family owned business, located in the Münsterland region, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. The whole area is very well known for its great sausages.11169708_821032607989890_7327989799033764565_o

  1. How many bratwurst did you sell on the busiest day ever?

Just short of a thousand so one record which still needs to be broken.

  1. What is the craziest thing that has ever happened while you were selling bratwurst? 

I guess the good thing is its pretty entertaining nearly all the time, but the festivals are usually the best. From magic mushrooms and other things offered for payment, guys in the craziest outfits if any, working all night and having your tent blown away after half an hour of rest is something to remember. I also recall chasing the daily revenue down Butts Wynd after I dropped the money box on a pretty windy day. You gotta watch out for one of those:)11227423_821032797989871_6789021749976409680_o

  1. Do you ever get sick of eating bratwurst? What is your favorite thing to eat when you aren’t eating bratwurst?  

Never, we all still have them all the time. To be honest Im surprised myself, but even when I am back home I wont miss out the chance of treating myself at the stalls in Hamburg.

  1. What is your favorite beer to drink while eating bratwurst? 

Thats got to be Astra, as thats the beer in Hamburg where I grew up! Just the rest of Germany is not such a fan.


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See you there!