Cottage Kitchen: Remodel Review

Over the winter holidays Cottage Kitchen saw a remodel, foregoing their glass case of cakes, salads and sandwiches in favor of a more established look. Not to worry, the cakes are still there and just as tempting as always! The change in Cottage Kitchen, while most evident in the new splashy, colored artwork that hangs on the walls, is perhaps most felt in their menu. Unlike previously when Cottage Kitchen would print their menus daily, it now has a set menu for drinks, brunch (which ends at noon), and a seasonal menu; the menu is now no longer uncertain. Some students appreciate the stability this new menu brings; one student claimed she could now rely on getting her favorite salad on her way home from classes, (the yam, chickpea, arugula, and feta salad). Still, others miss the sense of surprise that a daily menu gives.


For students who feel like they are missing this spontaneity, it is worth mentioning that Cottage Kitchen will be changing the seasonal part of their menus, so there will be some surprises in store. For example, this year Cottage Kitchen announced it was doing a special Valentine’s Day Menu, consisting of a five-course set menu with two choices for the starters, mains and desserts. This holiday-specific menu poses the potential for more event menus in the future. This provides yet another way to get your dose of different foods, in a town where the choices can quickly become mundane.





While Cottage Kitchen is less of a place to sit for hours and study while drinking that necessary cup of coffee or tea, it is an ideal place to chat with friends. The eclectic collection of tables means you can pick from a more personal atmosphere or a family-style setting. The relaxing atmosphere filled with colorful mugs and loose-leaf teas invites passersby to come in and enjoy a slice of their picturesque cakes (now including vegan ones!).

One thing is certain, with this menu overhaul Cottage Kitchen feels less like a mere spot for tea and more like a fully-fledged restaurant. Significantly, Cottage Kitchen has been able to make this shift while retaining their charming and friendly feel. Therefore, I would recommend trying Cottage Kitchen out, either for the first time ever or just the first time since the break – you’re likely to see me there!