Food Combos: St Andrews edition

This year’s first Gastronome article is also kicking off a new collection: our food combos! Our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Combo articles give you the three most important meals of the day with a twist! Try them all together or try them separately, these combos help you find pockets of St Andrews-themed dining for any time of day.

St Andrews is a historical town, boasting the site of the first university in Scotland. But there’s history in the town than just academia. Explore pockets of St Andrean history with these three places!

Breakfast: North Point

North Point is an integral part of St Andrean history…it’s where Kate and Wills went on their first date (supposedly). In any case, the breakfast/brunch café also makes a name for itself through its delicious pancakes, while offering a wide range of hearty and light breakfast foods! Definitely worth the hype, and who knows, you could meet your prince!

Lunch: The Jigger Inn

The Jigger Inn encapsulates St Andrews’ historic golf legacy. Located in a 19th century station master’s lodge on the Old Course, it delights with both traditional food and international cuisine. Enjoy a sunny day alongside the golfers, or warm up inside the Inn’s cosy interior.

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Dinner: The Adamson

While this swanky restaurant might seem the opposite of vintage, the Adamson takes its name from one of St Andrews’ older celebrities (we have more than just Prince William). The restaurant sits on the site of the original home of Dr. John Adamson, who in 1841 became the first Scotsman to take a calotype photograph. Enjoy the Adamson’s trendy, seasonal menu while being a part of St Andrews’ distinguished photographical legacy.

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