Freshers’ tips: 4 Healthier Alcohol Choices

Freshers’ Week is almost upon us – the glorious time to meet hundreds of new people, expand your horizons, learn to cope with the newly found independence and, for many, to drink abnormal amounts of alcohol.

However, 10 is an unfortunate number for every first year. It refers to the famous Fresher’s 10 (the average of pounds that students generally gain in their first year of university).

The problem with alcohol is that it contains a lot of calories, and after a few cocktails it’s almost impossible to count just how many you’re pouring down your throat. So here are four “healthier*” options to avoid falling in the trap that is the Union’s full stocked bar during Freshers’ week.

*(obviously heathy is a relative term when talking about alcohol)

1. Wine

Wine is what is called a BB – beneficial booze. Red wine lowers your cholesterol and is full of antioxidants, which also reduce the risk of blood clotting and heart problems. Plus, which fresher is not scared of the infamous Freshers’ Flu, contracted by as many as 90% of the new student population?

Turns out that the antioxidants in red wine may help you land a spot in that lucky 10% that remains immune by fighting infection and protecting cells against the effects of free radicals.

White wine, made without the grape’s skin and seeds, is a slightly less healthy option. However, even if it does not have the same antioxidants of red wine, it still has two strong antioxidants that a glass of deep red lacks -tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol, which are two of the things that also make olive oil so good for you.

Added bonus? Makes you look extra classy.

2. Guinness


Beer is generally bad for you. Firstly because it is high in calories, secondly because you simply drink more of it, as it goes down almost as smooth as soda. An average pint is about 170 calories, meaning that drinking two pints is like eating a medium sized portion of Mac Donalds french fries. So if you’re really into it, try Guinness. Like other stouts, Guinness is made with whole grains full of nutrients and antioxidants that make it similar to the benefits of wine.

3. Vodka


Vodka is always a good choice, with an average of 50 cal per shot. The healthier option would be to order a Vodka and Tonic and steer away from sugary mixers, like Vodka Cramberry and Vodka Diet Coke. Or with the calories of that beer you were going to order, you can have 3 shots of straight vodka instead.


4. Whiskey/Gin


If you aren’t afraid of a little flavour, order a whiskey or gin neat or on the rocks. With an average of 72 cal per shot and 40% alcohol, these have the same amount of alcohol as vodka and just a few more calories, but are generally considered to be tastier. Unlike a vodka cocktail or a beer/stout, a glass of good hard liquor can be sipped at a slower pace and will prevent you from taking more trips to the bar, saving money and calories.


P.S.: please drink RESPONSIBLY. Make sure you hit the bar/pre drinks with a full stomach and remember to stay hydrated.
Don’t be that guy/girl that ruins an otherwise fun night out.
Happy and safe boozing.