Gastronome Bucket List

Don’t know where to eat next? We asked students to recommend their favourite restaurants in the bubble. From the cheapest to the most formal, this is your go-to guide to dining in St. Andrews.

 Freddie Melling: “It is difficult to beat fish and chips and a cold beer sitting outside at The Jigger Inn on a sunny day.”

 Jesse Steere: “The Seafood Restaurant is by far the best restaurant in St. Andrews. With a fantastic wine list and an affordable lunch deal, there is no better place to relax and watch the sea."

 Noah Ohringer: “Le Rendez-Vous. Improve your French and Arabic and sink your teeth into a beast panini. Inoubliable!"

 Reed Picton: “The Glass House combines great food with a secluded and charming atmosphere. Order the Asparagus Risotto if you want your pee to smell weird!"

 Lucy Thomas: "Taste has the best coffee in town, delicious paninis, and cakes. It is the perfect late-night escape from studying!"

 Fenella Dodson: "I love Zizi’s because it has a warm ambiance, great food, and it reminds me of good times."

 Daniel Green: “Butlers' wraps. The crunch of green beans, the delicate flavour of the avocado, and the strong, smoky taste of the ham are all wrapped up in a Lebanese flatbread. What more could you want for your hangover blues?”

 Anna Gudnason: “The Dining Room brings out my inner Zen. One bite of that Kung Pow Chicken transports me straight back to China.”

 Kathleen Fraese: "I love going to Bibi's on a Sunday afternoon. It's a great place to have a cup of tea, some lunch and a much needed catch-up with the girls."

 Charli Llewellyn: "The Adamson serves high-quality food in an elegant setting. Their lunch and early dinner deals are both delicious and a great value. They also make the best sorbet in town!"
 Melody Wentz: "A little hole in the wall, Gorgeous has cheap, good food and a work friendly environment."

Photographs by Anna Gudnason and Jesse Steere