Gløgg: Scandinavian Mulled Wine

With the first of December rapidly approaching and the advent calendar doors itching for me to open them and gobble the chocolate, I am finally now allowing the Christmas cheer to seep in and start getting excited for going home to food, presents and more food! In my mind the perfect way to get myself in the festive spirit is by making a batch of gløgg, it’s a fact that there is nothing more festive than mulled wine, the aroma fills the entire house with delicious spices, it’s great for sharing with friends and family and is the perfect tipple to relax with on a cold winter night. My personal mulled wine preference is for the Scandinavian drink gløgg, which features a few extra delicious additions to the average mulled beverage, including port, vodka, raisins and almonds, as well as the traditional spices and orange peel. The addition of the port and vodka is not overpowering, but gives the wine an added depth of flavour, which works perfectly with the spices. So start mulling, watch your favourite Christmas film with your friends, I suggest a double bill of Elf and Love Actually served with lots of Christmasy nibbles and get well and truly into the Christmas spirit!   


– 1 bottle red wine

– 1 bottle port

– 1 cup of vodka

– 2 cups of water

– 2 cinnamon sticks

– 6-8 cardamom pods

– 10 cloves

– peel of 2 oranges, with as little pith as possible

– ½ a cup of raisins

– ½ cup of blanched almonds

– 100grams of sugar

Makes nearly 2 litres of gløgg


– Pour the wine, port, vodka and water into a large saucepan; make sure it will be able to hold all the liquid first. Add the cinnamon sticks, seeds from the cardamom pods, cloves, orange peel, raisins, almonds and sugar and heat gently, making sure that the mixture does not come to the boil.

– Cover and continue to heat the liquid gently for 1 to 2 hours, over a very low heat.

– Once the gløgg has had chance to mull strain out the spices and fruit.

– Pour the gløgg into mugs or if serving in glass add metal spoons to absorb the heat. Garnish with slivers of orange peel and a small spoonful of the mulled raisins and almonds, then enjoy whilst it’s still hot!