Ingredients You Should DIY: Peanut butter

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Peanut butter: this one of those those things that, once you make them at home, you will never buy again. The truth: peanut butter is made only with 1 ingredient: peanuts.

The nasty: have you ever looked at the back of a store-bought peanut butter jar, where it lists the ingredients and nutritional values? Hydrogenated vegetable oil, trans fats, dextrose and corn syrup are featured, not to mention all the unpronounceable preservatives to keep all that nutty goodness safe in your shelf for more than a year. And to think that all of these are completely superfluous: again, all you need is the 1 ingredient, peanuts.

Not to mention, an average jar of peanut butter from the shop contains…you might not want to read this… 30,000 kcal. Yep, that is more than 2 whole weeks of calories intake. 2 weeks worth of food in one jar of peanut butter. If you make it at home, on the other hand, the same jar will have around 5,000 kcal (I calculated this roughly from the calories of the peanuts I used).

Difficulty: Easy

How: Peanuts still in the shell would be ideal, but it takes time to open them, so if you do opt for the already shelled ones, remember to buy the simplest kind you can find: look for words like unsalted and unflavoured. Put in food processor and blend. The peanuts will start to break down and at some point, you will see that they clump up into a ball. No, you do not need to add oil: peanuts already contain oil and they will release it. Just keep blending until smooth. Add a pinch of salt if you prefer and, if you want to be fancy, throw in a teaspoon of honey and a couple of almonds and walnuts, for an unexpected twist. Keeps in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Cost: 50p (DIY) vs minimum £2 (BUY)

The prices mentioned are average Tesco prices. 


 Images courtesy of averiecooks.