Interview with Gimme Dinner

It is always interesting to discover new student businesses in St Andrews, especially when they involve doing absolutely nothing and having great food. Last semester, we learnt all about The Sassy Coconut and their delicious and plant-based desserts. This week, we interviewed Gimme Dinner, a catering service that “is here to give YOU dinner”. Who doesn’t want to get amazing food delivered, served and simply ready to be eaten?


1. Hello, introduce yourselves and tell us all about Gimme Dinner and what you do!

Hello! We are two third years, Gabs and Imy (making Gimme), who aim to provide a stress-free service for fellow students to enjoy the perfect dinner party. We cook all your food and can serve it and clear up after!

2. What inspired you to start Gimme Dinner?

Just being hungry students really. The kind who love a fun dinner party with yummy food! Both of us are passionate about food and have been cooking from a young age. It was lucky that we found each other so we could combine our passion and start Gimme.

3. Do you often eat your dishes in your everyday life or do you prefer simpler recipes?

We LOVE these recipes. That is why we want to give everyone a taste! So yes we often eat our own dishes in everyday life.

4. What is your favourite and least favourite dishes from your menu?

These are two very difficult questions. They are all our favourites, that’s why we make them! But if we had to decide, the favourite would probably be the pasta with mushroom sauce. It is delicious and everyone always loves it, even those who don’t usually go for mushrooms. As for our least favourite – impossible to say I’m afraid.  

5. Do you shop for ingredients at Tesco?

We source our ingredients in a variety of places around town. But not Tesco. Apparently it is the most expensive one in the UK so we thought better to avoid it. On the other hand we know Morrison’s by aisle so if anyone wants to quickly find a box of eggs or anything else for that matter then get in touch.

6. What is your favourite restaurant in St Andrews?

Little Italy – best atmosphere. 

7. What is the funniest story you can tell about your business?

We originally named it after the consultancy group we were in for our first year management project. For us this quickly died out but many of Gimme’s biggest fans still insist on calling it by its original name, Beckic. 

8. What about the worst? Did you ever get complaints from your costumers?

Never. Either people are just being nice or they genuinely love our food!

9. Do you have any tips for student cooking?

Don’t do it. Hire Gimme Dinner.


10. Do your friends often ask you to cook for them?

YES! We love testing our dishes on them just as much as they trying them! 
11. What are your plans for the future?

Make a Gimme App.

12. You are sentenced to death. What is your last meal?

A cauldron full of pigs in blankets and chocolate brownies! 

To get in contact with Gimme Dinner, email or use the phone number 07889681668.