Fife Food Festival

Fife Food Festival is always a blast for the St Andrew’s foodie – and this year was no different! Each year, the festival is arranged as a part of the Raising and Giving Campaign (RAG Week). The three-pound entrance fee went to support the charity Mary’s Meals – a charity that provides meals for the world’s poorest school children.

An evening with Flora Shedden at Topping & Company

Cooking with friends and gathering to enjoy a meal is what lies at the heart of good food. It is a coming together of good friends, old friends and new friends. This is what Flora Shedden wishes to highlight with her very first cookbook, Gathering, published this month.

“To [Study] Without Zest is a Crime”

For many of us St Andreans, our takeaway coffee (and sly warm pastry to which we succumb several times each week), grabbed en route to an early morning lecture is an essential part of our morning ritual. Done with little thought, and certainly dreary eyed, we often don’t consider the impact that this quotidian purchase can make.

How to use your leftover Mini Easter Eggs

One week after Easter now, if you are looking for a way to make a dent in that Easter chocolate stash, look no further. After all, with all the chocolate going around, you might want to save the good stuff for eating…but what about those pesky mini easter eggs things, the ones that you know don’t even taste that great, but they are there and you casually end up eating a dozen per day? Here is a way to use them up and share them with family and friends.