St Andrews Staples

St Andrews has tons of eateries and restaurants to offer, but some of them are just particular to our little town. Whether you’re a Fresher or a seasoned returner, this list of St Andrews Staples will point you (and your stomach) in the right direction!

Experience the staples in one day!

Breakfast: Taste

Conveniently located on North Street (and five minutes from the library), Taste has you covered from coffee, to pastries to baguettes. Drop in for your morning stop and nab one of their comfy seats for a cute study spot.

Brunch: The Rule

Love yourself some pub food? With tons of deals on food and drinks, this craft pub works for any meal time, particularly brunch! One of many brunch-friendly establishments, the Rule also doubles as a social club in the evening.

Lunch: Kazoku

While Japanese cuisine may not be a staple of Scotland, this recently opened Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar is perfect for a lunch bite. With a range of sushi and hot dishes, Kazoku reminds you of the bustling international population at the University.

Dinner: Blackhorn Burgers

The finest handmade burgers in this town. This classic has everything from good food to service, and works for any occasion, whether sit-in, take-away, Deliveroo or food truck at your next ball!

Drinks: The Adamson

The Adamson is unmatched for atmosphere and novelty cocktails. Perfect for a sophisticated get-together (though not the cheapest joint in town).

Drinks: St Andrews Student Union

Ready for your night out? The Student Union is the St Andrews go-to for a night out, and these drinks are the St Andrews Staples you have to try!

Pablo:  VK/WKD, 2 shots of Vodka, in a color of your choice

Venom: 1 shot of Vodka, 1 shot of Southern Comfort, Orange juice, Blue VK/WKD

2 AM Snack: Dervish and Empire

Once you find yourself on the other side of a Pablo, the best place to head is either Dervish or Empire. Students will contest which is their favorite, so try both and pick a side! Both have similar menus of burgers, chips and pizza, perfect for your cravings.