St Andrews Waffle Co.’s ‘Grab-N-Go’ Extension: Reviewed

Built on the former site of Mr Milano, the Grab-N-Go takeaway can be considered a spiritual successor to the former fry shop. Unlike its predecessor however, the Waffle Co’s newest addition has a plethora of options that include hot dogs, veggie burgers and truffle (yes truffle) pizza. In keeping with their waffle origins, the main dessert offering is the Hong Kong-style ‘Bubble Waffle’. As a Hong Kong resident and consistent consumer of said dessert, I was happy to hear that the recipe for the waffle was created by a Hong Kong-local based in Canada.

The minimalistic (and extremely small) store. The pizza oven fire keeps the interior nice and toasty.

The first thing you notice when you step into the shop is a wave of heat from their pizza oven (which is welcoming, considering the St Andrean wind). The second is the wide range of food on offer, including veggie options. My friend and I spent a good ten minutes discussing what to order, before eventually turning to the very helpful staff for recommendations. I ended up ordering a chicken burger with blue cheese and a side of pulled pork fries, whilst my friend went with the somewhat healthier option of sweet potato fries.

The cooking area is filled with a variety of kitchen machines and tools.

The food was both tasty and filling. The chicken burger was succulent and juicy, thanks to the light searing they did at the end with a blowtorch. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy, and the blue cheese added a nice tangy kick to the dish. The pulled pork chips were also very good, with the sweet flavour of Applewood in the pork which is so common in American BBQ-style pulled pork. In fact, they were extremely generous with the pulled pork, with my friend noting that I ‘didn’t have enough chips to eat with it’! Though I didn’t have any of the sweet potato fries, my friend certainly gave them her stamp of approval.

Since it is a takeaway restaurant, we ended up eating in the Library café. Price-wise, Grab-N-Go offer a wide selection of items with an equally wide range of prices. My burger cost around five pounds, which was one of the cheapest options, but they have meals that go above the ten-pound range (like their truffle pizza).

The Grab-N-Go Waffle Co. extension is definitely a great place to grab a quick bite to eat in-between classes or during a long library session. It is also a good shout if you don’t feel like cooking before a night out but want to eat in the comfort of your own home.

Photos by Louis Yau