The Adamson Bar: Reviewed

The Adamson Bar



The gentle scent of spring lingers in the breeze, the warmth of the day dipping as the sun drops steadily on the horizon. South Street transforms from a bustling, family centric-hubbub; slipping into an avenue of cool formality.


The Adamson Bar sits tucked away through a small, fairy-lit alley to the left of the restaurant; opening into a modern and sophisticated space. Warm filament bulbs glows gently brighter beneath the skylights, as the remaining daylight slowly slip away. At 6pm on a Friday night, the room is calm. Couples sit proximate to one another, sipping glasses of wine as the evening-tide dawns. We are the first table to order cocktails that evening. The menu is both classic and experimental, ranging from sweet passion fruit elixirs to Applewood-smoked concoctions. The bar staff are polite, amicable and informative; highlighting menu features to match our tastes.



Four weeks after opening they have yet to become masters of their trade. A few fumbles here and there belie the staff’s experience; circling and crossing one another in newfound choreography. Bottles of liquor, air-tight jars of liquid fruit, mint leaves, crushed ice, conical flasks and flaming copper pans compose the contents of our cocktails.


Chosen, arranged, set, removed, mixed, shaken and stirred before intrigued and excited customers. Each potion presented uniquely and efficiently. We initially marvel, sipping ice-cool samples; some delicate, some bold. Soft foam of sugary meringue contrasting with orange zings and warm, smoky scents. Another? Perhaps. Our glasses slowly empty as the room gradually fills and the sound level of gentle conversation in the room rises. Staff periodically circle the tables, clearing glasses away and checking for second orders. Our childish fascination with the cocktails’ various designs does not diminish the second-time round.


On par with cocktail bars found in Edinburgh and London, the cost demarks our drinks as a special treat, but the experience is not over-priced. We leave before the 9pm “rush” expected to descend upon the bar that evening, our pockets and our heads a little lighter than we perhaps intended. I would strongly recommend The Adamson Bar to anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of visiting.


Images courtesy of the author.