“To [Study] Without Zest is a Crime”

For many of us St Andreans, our takeaway coffee (and sly warm pastry to which we succumb several times each week), grabbed en route to an early morning lecture is an essential part of our morning ritual. Done with little thought, and certainly dreary eyed, we often don’t consider the impact that this quotidian purchase can make.


Zest is an independent coffee shop on South Street, with an equally popular salad bar on Market Street, whose focus lies with the local community. It receives no funding, but rather uses profits to directly support young people facing barriers to employment in a friendly and inclusive workplace. Zest employees thrive on a bespoke development plan, which encourages them to reach for higher qualifications. Reading the testimonies of current and former employees is heart-warming, with emphasis placed upon the compassionate atmosphere that helped to develop practical and employable skills, as well as improving confidence. It is, therefore, unsurprising that Zest received the Investors in Young People Good Practice Award in January 2015. Furthermore, the café is committed to sourcing their coffee beans in an ethical manner, paying between 10-20% above fair trade prices.

Next time you are in St Mary’s, or meandering along South Street, why not pop into Zest to grab a delicious fair trade coffee and see this wonderful community in action? I am sure you’ll find your beverage sweetened by the knowledge that you have directly supported the young people that Zest employ, and local community. What better way to spend an afternoon?

Zest are currently offering a student study pack to help us through these first few weeks of class! This includes a regular salad, a bottle of water, and a nut bar or bag or Propercorn for only £5.95! Plus, show your student card when ordering your Zest smoothie to upgrade to a large for free!


Images sourced from: Ashton Martin, Frances, Betari Ratih, Victoria White