Tour of Eden Brewery

The Fine Food and Dining Society conducted a tour of the Eden Brewery on October 13th. Located in the neighbouring town of Guardbridge, it is a fantastic addition to the St. Andrews local food and drink scene.

Thirty students made the trek to the brewery, where they were treated to a selection of artisanal beers, a tour of the facility, a brief history of brewing in Fife, and a run-through of the beer-making process. Scott, Eden’s head brewer showed us the varieties of hops and malts used in the recipes, explaining their different qualities and how they affect the final product. 

There are currently three beers available for purchase: the ‘19th Brew IPA’, the ‘Clock Brew’ and the ‘Porter’, in ascending order of strength. The brewery is very proud of these entry-level beers, and plans to make many more.

They are also experimenting with ageing some of their beers in oak barrels from Edradour, a highland scotch company. Samples of brews aged in Sauternes casks from Chateau d’Yquem and in peat-smoked whisky casks carried pronounced qualities of their previous contents.

Eden Brewery's plans for the future include university-themed beers. With the help of the Real Ale Society, they are presently working on a beer to be released in conjunction with Raisin Weekend, and they plan to create six brews celebrating each century of the University's 600 year heritage.

A fantastic local craft facility, Eden Brewery produces remarkable beers which can be found around town. Some are available at the Union – slightly dearer than a pint of Tennants, but what you get is so much more. For more information visit their website here.