Vegetarian Life: Nahm Jim

As a vegetarian and occasional pescatarian, it can be particularly challenging to find a good meal in St. Andrews. Nahm Jim, the Thai and Japanese food restaurant on Market Street has a large menu, featuring all types of sushi and a wide range of main courses and starters, along with imported beers and inventive cocktails. To be honest, it has been difficult for me to find a good meat-free main dish here, and a number of times I have left unsatisfied, only to sneak into Tesco’s for a guilty late night snack.

That being said, sushi can be a great way to go at Nahm Jim. Sunday night is Sushi Night, and all sushi is 10% off. Any other night the special rolls ring in at eight pounds each, but if you eat fish, they are definitely worth it. The rainbow, caterpillar and salmon rolls are elaborate, colorful, very filling and come with delicious sauces. If you are looking for something on the lighter side, I would recommend a cucumber roll and an avocado roll with miso soup.

In terms of vegetarian mains, I’ve tried both the Jungle Jim (wok fried vegetables with a sweet, tangy sauce) and the Vegetable Red Curry (bamboo, corn and red peppers cooked in spicy herbs). I find that their “sweet tangy sauce” is much more sweet than tangy, and the coconut sauce on the curry can be overpowering if you aren’t in that “coconut” kind of mood. I also just hate to be paying thirteen pounds and waiting thirty minutes for a plate of sautéed vegetables that I could make in my own kitchen in about ten minutes, sans sauce, and for at least half the price.

I have also ordered the Pad Thai without chicken. This has been delicious and perfect a few times, but I have to mention the one horrible time when I waited for forty-five minutes and the dish had clearly been sitting out and then reheated. How could anyone be happy with a sticky lump of gray, lukewarm noodles?

 A safer alternative is to stick with the starters. The vegetable gyoza, vegetable spring rolls and spicy thai fish cakes are all delicious. Order two. Or more. Mix with sushi, soup, sticky rice…or all of the above. And if you feel like splurging and having fish, the steamed swordfish steak with lime sauce is highly, highly recommended.