600th Finale Ball Review

I don’t usually do a countdown for St. Andrew’s Day but this year marked the end of our 600th celebrations and a full day planned by the Fellowship of St. Andrews. The day included a food festival, thanksgiving service, the town lighting ceremony, a Ceilidh, and culminated with the much anticipated and sold out 600th Finale Ball. And after a morning of waiting for a late package to arrive from Girl Meets Dress, that didn’t even contain both dresses I ordered, I was very, very ready to trade outspoken frustration for dancing, good music, and Vladivar vodka.

I got a sneak peek of the fairy-like set up in Sallies around 5:15pm as final preparations for the Ceilidh were underway. In hindsight, I should have sniped a Bibi’s cupcake at this point because when I arrived again just before 10pm, the party was already in full swing and the 600 cupcakes were gone.

Before entering, I was handed a mysterious white band (more on that later) and enjoyed the vintage St. Andrews footage projected onto the outside of the marquee. The covered walkway led into a massive sapce with a wave of fairy lights, stations for Candy Floss, Bibi’s Cupcakes, Vladivar Vodka, a few bar stations, and enough heating to keep this perpetually-cold girl very happy.

After enjoying my complimentary vodka and a few cocktails, we moved to the dance floor to enjoy April Vellacott’s last mixes. At 10:30pm Del Pello took the stage. The up and coming DJ, known for his progressive house music, brought the vast majority of ball-goers onto the dance floor. Fast forward to 11:45pm, 45 seconds into Wonderwall, the whole dance floor lit up as those mysterious wristbands, later identified as Xylobands, were activated. For those, like me, who are/weren’t aware of Xylobands, the LEDs inside the band are synchronized to the music, creating a color-filled, beat-driven light show. I happily stayed on the dance floor through Del Pello’s set and eventually wound my way up to the front to join the many others watching the DJ in action. Seriously, listen to his stuff. In fact, here’s a link. Go hit play and come back.

A.C.B. took the stage at 1am and filled the marquee with more bass-driven mixes, keeping me dancing for a little while longer. As mentioned in the 600th Launch Party Review, I am definitely not a dancer so this was completely unprecedented for me. Well played, Fellowship Committee. This was hands-down my favorite music lineup of any ball I’ve been to at St. Andrews.

At 1:30am, after one last G&T, I left and went to grab my coat and flats that were stored at a friend’s house. However, without the hindrance of 4-inch heels on cobblestone, I felt newly invigorated and decided that my night wasn’t quite over. After convincing one of the security guards (they were focusing on getting the crowd out) that I had a few more questions I needed to ask the ball committee I reentered. Since ‘questions for the ball committee’ translates to ‘a buffalo chicken wrap and Cajun fries’ (trust me on this one) I headed to the Buffalo Food Truck parked in front of Sallies. This was a good plan. I went home happy, fed and had my Xyloband to light up the way home.

During the summer, this ball was scheduled to host 600 people. But momentum grew and last night over 1600 people enjoyed the tremendous work of the Fellowship committee. The music, atmosphere, and goodies were very well organized and they were able to differentiate themselves from our many other balls.

Just one suggestion for the future 700th Ball Committee: Bibi’s cupcakes for all!