Art Auction: Culture Y

Culture Y is a St Andrews students organization dedicated to creating interesting and innovative art based events for the St Andrews community.

Culture Y was started to showcase the artistic, the creative, and the diverse through a variety of mediums. The name Culture Y is a reference to the global cultural and ideological changes that have occurred from Generation Y onward.

Through the exploration of eternal questions, Culture Y seeks to be a platform for innovative thinking in art, culture, and society. The artistic program of Culture Y presents a challenge to all members of the public to explore key issues and themes in a creative way and bring together creator and audience in free dialogue.

On March 10 from 6-9 PM they will be holding an art auction in beacon bar. Artists and students from around Scotland have submitted works in various mediums to be auctioned, to raise funds to finance our film festival in April as well as promote local artists. They would absolutely love to see you there!

To give you a preview, here are a couple of the great artworks…


Check out more on their website: