Behind the Curtain: A Look at DONT WALK’s Online Launch

Following their smashing launch dinner and after-party, the arty provocateur of the St Andrews fashion dynasty DONT WALK released a spectacular new online presence to further promote the show coming the 24th of February. The sleek, newly-designed website debuted a time capsule of DW’s past ten years with an archive gallery of never-before-seen media. What DW is offering now is a fully fleshed-out image of the show’s persona, a digital family photo album illuminating the depths of the selectively accessible event. Where the initial introductory video only provided flashes of stoic models betwixt mirrors and fluorescent lighting, this launch effectively pulls back the covers whilst simultaneously maintaining an air of mystery.

The model announcement is another presentation of DW’s aesthetic of clean-cut with a razor edge; the monochrome portraits, like the website itself, are stripped down and simple. Browsing the website and online content, it feels like you’re perusing some art house’s digital portfolio rather than a student-organised charity event. The constant dedication to exhibiting an immaculately cohesive image with every minute detail is what builds anticipation and makes the actual show that much more exciting when it does arrive.

Having attended all the various fashion shows, my personal assessment of them lands DONT WALK at the top of the pyramid due to their successful balancing of artistic vision, professional execution and creativity. As I spend the winter holiday indulging in too many drinks and desserts, my mind will continue to wander to DW and what they have in store for the spring semester.

Check out DW’s exclusive online content here.

All photos courtesy of DONT WALK.