Best Websites for Procrastination

I consider myself to be a great procrastinator. Pretty much anything can be more interesting to me than reading for an essay or revising for an exam, when I really really need to be working. If you struggle to find things to do when all you really want to do is procrastinate, here are some of the best websites to waste your time on!



A huge collection of recipes you’ll never actually make and craft projects that will cost 5 times the price of actually just buying the item out of ikea; pinterest is awash with articles and photographs to waste time looking at. Personal highlights include cute pictures of animals and insane cake recipes that I’ll never actually manage to make myself. Make virtual pin boards with all the things that inspire you in one place, or where you can keep an online bucket list of things you want to see when travelling. Pinterest is the ultimate daydreaming website and will make you wish you were anywhere but the library doing anything but studying.



Quizzes galore! This website can actually help you revise (if you’re going to have an exam on all the 50 states of America or the flags of the world). There are hundreds of quizzes on a number of topics on everything from ‘Friends’ to football colours to Harry Potter. You can even test your maths and your pointless general knowledge. Sporcle is genuinely a really fun website to waste lots of time on, whilst learning some useless, obscure trivia.



Buzzfeed is really the classic procrastination website for me. The sheer number of articles displayed on one page can keep me amused for far, far too long. Everything from current political news to ’21 cute dogs that will make your day better’, Buzzfeed has something for everyone. The format is repetitive and sometimes the articles are slightly ridiculous but it’s certainly easy to waste a few hours of the day on Buzzfeed when you have some really important work that needs doing.

Stumbleupon   stumble

Stumble upon lets you select all your interests and favourite things and then generates a random webpage for you to look at. Each time it gives you the option of liking or disliking the page, allowing stumble upon to get a better idea of what you like and more regularly give you a webpage that you’ll be interested in. Sometimes once you start, it’s very difficult to stop. And you can find some really interesting things. Give it a go but it’s dangerous and will have a detrimental effect on your studying.

TED Talks


If you missed out on the TEDx St Andrews event then there’s always a chance to get some inspiration through videos on the TEDx website. Filled with talks on such a vast array of things, you’ll certainly find someone talking about something that interests you. Maybe they’ll even inspire you enough to get back to doing some work. Maybe not though, and you can still feel like you’re learning things listening to all of these incredible speakers.

Images collected by the author.